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24, 30 rock, 30 seconds to mars, adama/roslin, aeryn sun, alternative, american beauty, anders, andrea parker, arrested development, athena, australia, battlestar galactica, before sunrise, ben browder, brad pitt, bree/orson, brenda/fritz, brennan elliot, bridget jones, bridget jones diary, bsg, buffy, bush(the band), cherries, cherry coke, chocolate, city of angels, claudia black, csi: new york, desmond/penny, dharma & greg, diana/ben, doug/carol, dr. pepper, dredg, drunken toasters, elizabeth mitchell, ewan mcgregor, fables, fabletown, face/off, fanfiction, fanvideos, farscape, fight club, friends, frou frou, gaius/six, george clooney in er, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, hugh jackman, irina derevko, jack/irina, jack/juliet, jack/nina, jan/michael, jared leto, jeans, john crichton, john/aeryn, juliet/jack, juliet/sawyer, kara/anders, karina lombard, kate walsh, kiefer sutherland, kristin chenoweth, kyra sedgwick, lauren graham, lena olin, lost, lostprophets, love actually, luke/lorelai, lynette/tom, marshmallow kitty, medium, meg ryan, melina kanakaredes, melora hardin, men in trees, moulin rouge, movies, mtv, mulder/scully, my name is earl, my so-called life, nate/brenda, nicole kidman, nina myers, once & again, patricia arquette, penny/desmond, photography, pizza, playing by heart, portia/ellen, pretender, pretty people in space, pushing daisies, queer as folk, rain, rock, sarah clarke, sawyer/juliet, scott patterson, sex and the city, shipper, six feet under, sleeping, snow cake, snow/bigby, sookie stackhouse, southern vampire series, spike/dru, spy family, starbucks, strawberries, terry pratchett, the 4400, the closer, the oc, the ocean, the office, third watch, thunderstorms, tina fey, tom/alana, travis, true blood, webcomics, weeds, wicked, without a trace, x-files
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